Club Elation

Club Elation is the newest and most progressive annual membership-based club for 21 years of age and over which is designed around the desires of its members. Your host and hostess Eric and Cynthia have a combined total of over 55 years in the lifestyle. We had our very successful club open from 2005 to 2010 and are reopening again with the intention to continue very long term. We are dedicated to providing a great source of enjoyment for the wide expanse of varied interests within the lifestyles communities. We will continuously provide a very comfortable, fun and inviting atmosphere catering to our members as the most important factor in ‘Elation’

Because we have such extensive experience and understanding we know that people want an environment where comforts along with playful fantasy are present. Therefore very spacious locations are provided so that you may socialize with familiar friends and new acquaintances and may also play, privately or openly. 

We are realists who like to create things idealistically, therefore, we have the concept of drawing a very large member base from every walk of life on every interest level. We want all members whether you are a newcomer or veteran to have an outstanding time without the cliques, intimidating or boring settings.

We intend to continuously learn about all our members and provide something for everyone, such as specialized theme events and group events. We are the types of personalities who will talk to each one of our members and we want members to openly communicate with us. We want to continually improve so that nobody is ever disappointed.

With your input, we will be able to be far more creative. We truly strive to be a club owned by its members where together all members help make decisions about our growth and direction. We have a rewards system to give perks and gifts to our members. We know that to achieve all of these things, respect and consideration of all types of members and toward one another are absolute musts. Our goal is to be ‘The Exceptional Difference’ and we can only do that with everyone helping. 

While we do not provide alcohol, we do have Bartenders to serve you with necessary mixers and soft drinks. We also have good food available for snacking or a full meal. For your socializing pleasure, we provide a great atmosphere with good music and for your intimate pleasures, we provide various sexual positioning furniture and other such lifestyle toys and devices, with many more coming! 

And finally, words of hype are something everyone will see through eventually and our honor is very personally important to us to keep intact and show by our actions! It is our promise to be ‘The Exceptional Difference’ to you!