The start of something new….

Hello there…. If you are reading this, then chances are that you’re in “the lifestyle”! Or maybe you’re curious about “the lifestyle”…Either way, congratulations!!  WHAT IS THE LIFESTYLE? The term lifestyle can mean many different things, whether it defines a way of living, or a certain kind of culture. Then there is “the lifestyle”…. In … Read more

These Lifestyle People, Are Our People…

“These are our people, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life right now” I remember saying that sentence after our first full swap on the way home from the couple’s house. It was January 2021, Covid was still at its height, mask mandates has not been lifted yet and in Ohio we … Read more

Beginning your journey into the ‘Lifestyle’

Beginning your journey into the ‘Lifestyle’ The very first thing that one should do is be VERY REALISTIC with yourself and any partner(s). One thing you need to understand and keep in mind is… “Wherever there are humans, there are always the same positives and negatives as anywhere else”.  Do not expect anything less or … Read more

Understanding Successful Lifestyle Etiquette

Understanding Successful Lifestyle Etiquette Open minded sexuality is an extremely broad term, do not assume that everyone is the same or similar, unless you are only focused in broad terms. Do not be so full of yourself that you dismiss anything as “just common sense”.  If common sense were so common, the word ‘mistake’ wouldn’t … Read more