Condoms & Lubricant
While we cannot tell members to engage in safe sex, we encourage this practice. Condoms and
lubricants are available in limited amount and types so if you require them you will need to provide your
own. While using club provided toys, you are required to use a condom to cover the item. We do not
provide personal hygiene products such as mouthwash, toothpaste, feminine hygiene and deodorants. it
is highly recommended that you have these items available for yourself. We do provide soaps, body
wash and shampoo.

Pillows, Blankets & Towels
While we do provide clean linens and a limited amount of towels we do not provide pillows or blankets.
If you desire or require these items you may consider bringing them with you.

Lock or Locking Baggage
Lockers are limitedly available in some situations, with more being planned. Lockers are available on a
first come first served basis. Rather then taking a chance you might not obtain a locker, you might want
to bring a bag or small suitcase you can lock. We do not tolerate anyone touching others possessions
and will assist in locating any lost, misplaced or stolen items but we will not be responsible in any way
for your possessions. Please remember we highly discourage bringing any valuables and any member
caught stealing any item will be terminated as a member and possibly prosecuted.

Clothing & Costumes
Members are required to dress appropriately in public when arriving and departing the club’s facility.
The club’s dress code is dressy-casual or better. Any member dressed under this standard will be asked
to come back at another time. Any members dressed lewdly or offensively outside the confines of the
facility will be terminated as a member and obviously subject to the possible prosecution of an offended
person. You are a reflection of the club, please represent us respectably. If you will be requiring to
change your clothing or costumes upon arrival to, attendance at or departure from the club we do
provide rooms to do so and plenty of secure space to store your clothing and costumes.

Alcohol & Non-Alcohol Beverages
While we do not provide alcohol we do provide all types of basic mixers, soft drinks and bottled water. If
you require a specialized mixer you will need to supply it yourself. If you are not going to be drinking
alcohol you do not need to bring anything to drink as we will provide that for you or will be available for
purchase in some situations.

Snacks & Meals
We will be providing a full meal buffet and all snack items for your dining or snacking pleasure so
whether you prefer to eat prior to your arrival or while in attendance you need not worry about being or
becoming hungry. In some situations where food and snacks are not provided for free, they will be
available for purchase