The start of something new….

Hello there….

If you are reading this, then chances are that you’re in “the lifestyle”! Or maybe you’re curious about “the lifestyle”…Either way, congratulations!! 


The term lifestyle can mean many different things, whether it defines a way of living, or a certain kind of culture. Then there is “the lifestyle”….

In defined terms, “the lifestyle” is an alternative way of living for couples and singles, and other monogamous and non-monogamous relationships in between. Lifestylers are people who tend to be open-minded, whether it involves a sexual nature such as swinging or public fornication, or simply being free and naked amongst other like-minded people. 

There is no one way to define “the lifestyle”, with many different options to enjoy freedom with your relationships. There is one universal rule however…. Always communicate, and no means no! 

That said, there are many terms and ideas to explore, along with other members inside and out of club elation! Join me as I explore “the lifestyle” as a unicorn, as I write about ideas, stories, and other definitions.